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If you're in the Fayette County, IA area, call Permanent Roofing Specialists for your roofing needs!

90 Seconds to Secure Roofing


Professional and reliable for guaranteed satisfaction.



We are committed to providing exceptional services.



Roof repair for your residential or commercial space.



Trust us for top quality products and craftsmanship.

New Construction Roofing

New Construction Roofing

We are a trusted contractor providing long-lasting roofs.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

You can trust us to get the job done right the first time.


quality above all

Permanent Roofing Specialist is a premier roofing contractor that offers roofing products and services to address all of your roofing issues. Investing in the right roofing system can prevent costly roof repairs and save you money in the long run.


Depend on us for honest and timely roofing services at reasonable rates. Contact us if you want a durable roofing system installed on your property


trust our work

Trust our team to provide roofing products made from premium quality materials that are made to last and endure any and all external weather conditions. Many of our products and services come with a 50-year full replacement warranty.


Delivering quality

All of our work is guaranteed! We stand behind our roofing services and products because we do the job right without sacrificing quality. Let our team of expert roofing technicians help you get an efficient roofing system that will stand the test of time.

Experience You Can Trust

Our trained and expert roofing team want to ensure that you receive a quality roof and get the most value for your money. Unlike other roofing companies, we provide more than just aesthetic concepts. We offer practical solutions to increase the value of your property. 




roofing brands

  • Varitile

  • Metal Sales

  • Broadhead Metals

  • Malarky

  • Decra

  • Boral Steel

  • GAF TImberline

  • Owens Coming

  • DaVinci​

our advantages

  • Locally Owned

  • Certifed

  • Licensed

  • Insured

  • Registered

  • Guaranteed

  • Product Warranties

  • Free Estimates

  • Flexible Hours ​


Contact Me to Get the

Best Roof in Town!

(319) 290-2562


Delivering quality


If you have any questions about Permanent Roofing Specialists, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


Does Permanent Roofing Specialists build houses?

No, we simply install and replace your roof, siding, soffit, fascia and gutters. We ensure all work is professionally done which will create a professional appeal to you and your home but also will increase the value of your home if you intend to sell. 

What do I do if I need new roofing and construction from Permanent Roofing Specialists?

It's simple. All you have to do is call us and we can schedule a time to meet with you and give you a free estimate on your project. Our flexible schedule will make it easy for you. 

Our Services

Our specialists will perform whatever roofing or exterior work is needed in a safe, efficient and timely manner with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 

Why Permanent Roofing Specialists Roofing?

Permanent Roofing Specialists is licensed, bonded and insured. Our experienced, knowledgeable specialists can take care of both residential and commercial needs no matter how big or small the project.  If you are looking for roof repair, gutter or siding installation or roof inspection for insurance claims contact Permanent Roofing Specialists. Contact us today to learn more.

Why do I need a roofer?

When you choose a roofing company like Permanent Roofing Specialists, you'll know for sure that you're hiring experienced professional who know how to get the job done right the first time around. A single mistake can not only ruin a product warranty, but it can cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage if your roof has a leak. Permanent Roofing Specialists as your specialist will help ensure that won't happen. In addition to professional workmanship, hiring a professional roofing company is a smart safety move. Taking care of a roofing or gutter project yourself might seem like a good idea at the time, but ultimately, you are putting yourself at risk for a fall or injury. Our team is insured and has all the equipment needed to get your projected completed both on time and, more importantly, safely. Hiring a professional roofing company is a good call for your wallet and your physical well-being.


 What will a new roofing system cost?

The answer to this can vary widely depending on the roof size, construction and cost of materials. The best way to receive a solid, accurate estimate is to call Permanent Roofing Specialists to come and inspect your specific home or business. If you would like to get an estimate on a new commercial or residential roof contact Permanent Roofing Specialists to learn more.


How long is the install process for my new roof?

Permanent Roofing Specialists will provide approximations as to start and finish dates when quoting your new roof install. This depends on the size/layout of your roof, as well as the weather conditions during the install process. 


How long can I expect my new roof to last?

At Permanent Roofing Specialists we believe that there are two primary factors that can contribute to the lifespan of your roof.


#1. The quality and type of material used.

#2. The correct installation of your new roof.


For example: The lifespan of a standard asphalt shingle in Iowa is only 13 year. However our company works with some of the best roofing materials in the world, including our high quality steel shingles which come with a 50 year transferable warranty. As well as steel sheeting, synthetic slates, and rubber based asphalt shingles. Our installation experts are trained to install your new roof correctly each and every time which will allow your new roof to last for 30-50 years depending on which type of roofing product you select for your home or business.


Is Permanent Roofing Specialists insured?

With any contractor or company, you work with the answer to this question should always be YES. Permanent Roofing Specialists will provide you with a Proof of Insurance prior to signing any contract.

Asbestos Removal

At Permanent Roofing Specialists, we are licensed, trained and certified to remove your old asbestos slate shingles or siding products. We will remove them safely and efficiently while disposing of them. We will follow the local, state, and federal safety requirements when removing old asbestos products from the exterior of your home to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved. 

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